Case Study

Peace of Mind After a Life Change

A recently widowed client was referred to the firm by a friend who had gone through a similar situation several years earlier. A death can cause additional anxiety when it comes to financial matters, especially when the survivor’s involvement in family financial affairs was previously limited. Having a wellpracticed wealth manager can make all the difference.

In fact, FBB Capital Partners’ business originally grew out of a network of referred widows who found our investment approach and high-touch relationship style to be unique for our industry as well as effective.

Working with the client’s attorney, we assisted in getting accounts re-titled as necessary. Like many widows, our client was also concerned by the fact that her husband’s passing would have a meaningful impact on her retirement income, as she would no longer be eligible for 100% of his pension benefit. Her team at FBB Capital Partners was able to show her how she could afford to begin taking monthly withdrawals from the portfolio to help fill the income shortfall now, and how we would reevaluate the amount every six months to see if she required more or less income to cover her expenses.