Growth Investment Strategy

Growth Investment Strategy

The FBB Growth Strategy invests primarily in mid to large-cap U.S.-based equities to provide capital appreciation within a well-diversified strategy and framework. The Growth Strategy, along with FBB’s other investment strategies (Core, Income, and ESG), maintains a focus on fundamentals, including high-quality companies with favorable balance sheets, barriers to entry, improving margins, and the potential to gain market share. The Growth Strategy’s focus on capital appreciation weights the portfolio more heavily toward growing companies with sales and profits that tend to meet or exceed investor expectations. The Growth Strategy also has the ability to own stocks in various economic sectors with weightings that are above or below the average market weighting. Additionally, the Growth Strategy has the flexibility to add portfolio diversification by investing in small-cap and international stocks. The Growth Strategy involves a relatively concentrated group of high-conviction securities that have an opportunity to make an impact on portfolio performance.

The strategy is typically suitable for a portion of a client’s total portfolio or clients with an objective of Capital Appreciation, a tolerance for higher volatility, and an investment time horizon of at least five years.

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