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FBB Capital Partners specializes in offering private wealth management services to a wide range of clients including affluent individuals, families, foundations, and endowments.

Our credentialed investment advisors provide solutions designed to meet the complex needs of financially established individuals and businesses.

As a trusted partner to our clients, we strive to navigate markets and identify blind spots in their financial well-being.

Jane O’Mara Discusses How FBB Capital Partners Helps With Financial Planning and Lifetime Transitions

Jane Delashmutt O’Mara is a certified financial planner and Senior Portfolio Manager at FBB Capital Partners. FBB is a Fee-Only Investment Management Firm that offers wealth management, retirement planning, and other financial services in Maryland. Client education is an important part of portfolio management and securing your financial future. Reach out to FBB Capital Partners Wealth Advisory Services today to get started.

Please Note: No portion of the video content should be construed by a client or prospective client as a guarantee that he/she will experience a certain level of results or satisfaction if FBB is engaged, or continues to be engaged, to provide investment advisory services.

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Your Financial Life Cycle & Our Process

For over thirty years FBB Capital Partners’ goal has been to provide our clients with comprehensive wealth and risk management resulting in steady growth of capital and a predictable stream of income that allows them to lead more financially secure lives. We achieve this goal by understanding each client’s situation and adjusting accordingly as circumstances and market environments change.

Case Studies

Here at FBB Capital Partners, the relationship with our clients is personal. As your true financial partner, we believe in giving you and your portfolio the individual attention and customization you deserve.

Click on our case studies below to learn more about FBB Capital Partners’ work and what we can do for you. These case studies feature real-life scenarios of clients who have used our holistic financial planning strategies for their estate planning and asset protection needs.

Assembling a Winning Team

Assembling a Winning Team

A recently retired couple had a multitude of planning issues, financial, estate and tax.  They had previously been ‘managing’ on their own without much success; they finally sought help from us with their initial focus on investment management.  Working through our...

Personal Wealth Planning and a Family Business

Personal Wealth Planning and a Family Business

We were introduced by an existing client to a couple in their mid-60s who felt they needed more guidance and discipline when it came to their investment strategy.  The uniqueness of their situation was that their personal income statement and balance sheet were...

Estate Planning for a Same Sex Couple

Estate Planning for a Same Sex Couple

A recently retired same-sex couple wondered if they should get married, considering the 2013 changes in the Federal law (repeal of portions of DOMA).  While they were comfortable knowing they could retire, they were unsure of the impact of marriage on their...

Peace of Mind After a Life Change

Peace of Mind After a Life Change

A recent widow wonders how to find financial peace of mind. The Challenge: Can this widow find financial peace of mind after a tragedy? Scenario: A recent widow, Jane had several questions and a lot of anxiety about her new financial situation. She was referred to...

How does a business owner plan for the unknown?

Charting Your Own Course

Successful entrepreneur partners with FBB Capital Partners to enhance business continuity plan. The Challenge: How does a business owner plan for the unknown? Scenario: Nathan, a middle-aged entrepreneur who had successfully built his company into a leading...

Retiring with a Plan in Maryland

Retiring with a Plan

Couple wonders if they can afford to retire. The Challenge: Can this couple afford to retire? Scenario: Camille and Ben, both in their late 50’s wanted to retire in three years but found themselves asking a very simple question, “Can we afford this?”   Like...

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If you have any questions regarding our services, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with one of our financial advisors. We are pleased to offer customized wealth management and financial planning for your specific needs.