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If you have any question regarding our services, we encourage you to schedule an appointment or phone consultation with one of our financial expert. We are pleased to offer all types of financial services for your specific needs.


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Frequently Asked Questions

As a fee-only Wealth Manager, we take our role as a fiduciary seriously and care deeply about the families we serve.

What investment advice and services does FBB provide?

FBB Capital Partners offers the following investment advisory services to you based on trust and confidence for the
entire length and scope of our advisory relationship: Asset Management & Financial Planning

  • We begin by meeting with you to gain a better understanding of your financial situation and investment goals.
  • Based on what our Portfolio Managers learn, we develop a personalized plan and asset allocation strategy, taking into consideration your age, goals and objectives, timeframe, and risk tolerance.
  • We help implement the advice we provide and work closely with your tax, legal, banking, and
    insurance professionals to ensure all aspects of your plan are working in sync.
Am I a good client for FBB Capital Partners?

FBB Capital Partners specializes in offering private wealth management services to a wide range of clients including affluent individuals, families, foundations, and endowments.

Our credentialed investment advisors provide solutions designed to meet the complex needs of financially established individuals and businesses.

As a trusted partner to our clients, we strive to navigate markets and identify blind spots in their financial well-being.

Do you have a minimum asset requirement?

If you have at least $500,000 in liquid net worth available for investment, we would be pleased to have a no-obligation initial conversation to see if we may be able to assist you with your financial planning and investment needs.

Do you work with clients who may not live in the Washington DC metro area or the Eastern Shore of Maryland?

FBB Capital Partners is a fee-only wealth management firm serving clients throughout the United States, with many located in Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C., Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Ohio, & California.

With offices located in Bethesda and Easton Maryland, our team is available for in-person or virtual meetings.

Whether you’re near or far, FBB can assist you with your financial needs. For more information about FBB Capital Partners, we invite you to complete the form below or call one of our offices. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

What tasks can I quickly complete online?

You can view your account history and performance on FBB’s client portal, and you can move money and adjust account information by logging into your custodial account online.

How do I access my FBB Client portal?

Your FBB Client Portal will provide you convenient and private access to:

  • Portfolio Snapshots
  • Transaction Details
  • Realized Gain and Loss Information for tax reporting
  • Quarterly billing statements
  • FBB newsletters
  • Secure Vault technology to share documents with FBB

You will be added to the FBB Client Portal database and will receive a welcome email to activate your profile. Once you have successfully enrolled, you may access your portal at Click on the LOGIN link at the top right of the page, then the FBB CLIENT PORTAL link listed in green.

How do I access my account with Schwab or Fidelity online?

To access your new Charles Schwab accounts please follow these instructions:

  • Retrieve your account numbers from the FBB Client Portal by following the instructions above. To access the document, click on the Documents tab at the top of the page. Please open the PDF saved there to view your list of new account numbers.
  • Visit our website
  • Click on the LOGIN link from the top right of the page, then the SCHWAB ALLIANCE link
  • Click the New User button under the green login button
  • Fill out personal information, answer identifying questions, acknowledge disclosures and create your ID & password

To access your new Fidelity accounts please follow these instructions:

  • Visit our website
  • Click on the LOGIN link from the top right of the page, then the FIDELITY link.
  • Select Register Now under Setup Online Access
  • You’ll need to enter the last four digits of your Social Security number, and your first name, last name, and date of birth, to complete your online registration and create a username and password.
  • Follow the remaining steps online to create your ID & password
How do I open a new account or manage my accounts?

Your portfolio manager and FBB’s client service team are always available to assist with any account needs you may have. Just reach out via email or phone today.

How do I access my money?

With the completion of a money movement form, FBB Capital Partners can move money on your behalf to and from your brokerage and banking accounts. You can also move money by logging into your account directly or applying for check writing on your account.

What fees will I pay?
  • You will pay an ongoing fee for our wealth management services (subject to a minimum fee if your
    portfolio falls below a certain value).
  • Fees are assessed quarterly in advance and deducted directly from your investment portfolio.
  • Our tiered fee schedule is based on a percentage of the value of the assets in your investment
  • The rate you pay may reduce if your portfolio value, either through additional deposits or asset growth, moves into a different tier of our fee schedule.

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