Case Study

Retiring with a Plan

A couple in their late 50’s were planning to retire in three years but found themselves asking a very simple question, “Can we afford this?”

Like many FBB clients, the couple had been incredible savers over their working lives. They had managed to put three children through college, pay off the mortgage on their home, and still save $3 million in brokerage and retirement accounts. So far, they had focused all of their energy on building a nest egg, but spent very little time figuring out how their savings would provide for them when they began taking distributions.

The team at FBB Capital Partners was able to take a current snapshot of the couple’s situation, gather additional input from the clients, and draw conclusions as to what the ‘ideal’ future would look like. From there the team created a road map that plotted savings targets for the couple’s final few working years and defined various income streams that would provide for their lifestyle during retirement.